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Beckett’s Missouri “All Steel” Red w/ Pasta

Beckett’s Missouri “All Steel” Red w/ Pasta

Following our delightful food and wine pairing of Beckett’s Missouri Red Wine with Burgers yesterday, we pulled from the cellar the other label we hold from this producer to taste with pasta and meatballs with zesty red sauce, and baked sweet potato.

Linda prepared a tomato red sauce with our home grown herbs - basil, oregano and rosemary (shown at bottom), served over meatballs and macaroni and cheese. It was delicious. So, we pulled from the cellar a Big Red wine from Missouri that we thought would be an appropriate accompaniment. 

Unlike yesterday, (featured in this blogpost - Beckett’s Missouri Red Wine w/ Burgers), when we enjoyed an ideal food and wine pairing, tonight, the wine was not up to the same level as the previous label from this producer.

Like that other wine, we also discovered and acquired this label during that visit to the producer’s Winery and Tasting Room Wine Bar, which I featured in these pages at the time - https://unwindwine.blogspot.com/2021/09/becketts-winery-glasgow-missouri.html

Last night, I wrote in these pages about a wonderful, memorable tasting experience we had at the Winery Tasting Room Wine Bar in Glasgow, Missouri. According to their wine descriptions, we were expecting, hoping this label we be equal to the last one, and perhaps bigger and bolder based on the Syrah varietal in the blend. 

While yesterday’s Becketts Red Wine exceeded our expectations, their Steel Red Blend was lackluster and uninspiring - frankly, more what one might expect from a Missouri red wine. 

Historic steel bridge crossing Missouri River 
In Glasgow, MO (background)

Beckett’s “All Steel” Missouri Red Blend NV

This interesting imaginative label commemorates the massive steel bridge (shown above) that crosses the Missouri River in view of the Beckett’s winery tasting room patio.

Beckett’s “All Steel Red” features a characticture of the structure on the label. 

They describe it as “signature Beckett's Winery favorite. Our driest red wine, it is a medium-bodied Chambourcin and Syrah blend. Includes flavors of lucious blackberry jam with a slight earthy scent and a dry, smooth finish.” 

Based on this description, we thought it might stand up to a zesty red sauce with pasta. 

While the winemaker’s description is technically accurate, the wine lacks balance and integration and is a bit ‘flabby’ and flat hence rather uninspiring. 

While I rated their Signature Red label 88 points yesterday, I give this wine 85 points. 


Linda herbs ….