Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Paradigm 1995 Oakville Cab

Paradigm 1995 Oakville Cab

My overseas flight arrangements were disrupted and rescheduled so I had four hours to chill before heading back to the airport. I pulled from the cellar a half bottle 'split' of this aged Paradigm Napa Cab to enjoy with some artisan cheese and biscuits. Its convenient to keep on hand 375ml half bottles for occasions where a couple of glasses suffices and opening a full bottle is too much.

Paradigm Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1995

We tasted and acquired this wine during our Napa Valley Wine Experience visit to the Estate back in 1999. I last wrote in these pages abour Paradigm and our visit in March of this year.

In 2010 I tasted this release and wrote: "Fragrant, soft supple tannin, medium body, the layers of cherry and black currant fruit are being overtaken by earthy leather, licorice, and herbs, with under-currants of spice and cedar."

Three years later, my last notation on this release, I wrote I had consistent tasting experience.

Five years later, at 24 years of age, this wine is showing its age and is in the last phase of its acceptable drinking window.

Tonight, the color is starting to give way taking on a faint and subtle but apparent rust brown tinge. The nose is beginning to take on a slight barnyard dry grass funk, and the fruits are starting to give way further to non fruit notes of earth, smoke, creosote, and leather, with the still apparent notes of licorice, spice and cedar. This was tasted from a 375ml half bottle which may have contributed to the diminution from aging, as smaller bottles age less well than larger format bottles.

RM 86 points,