Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Elouis Christman Park Taylor Petite Syrah Eldorado Tempranillo 2002

Elouis Christman Park Taylor Petite Syrah Eldorado Tempranillo 2002 

Having the remains of some leftovers of barbecue we had last week with much wine fanfare, I pulled from the cellar an aged Petit Syrah to pair with this dinner tonight. 

This is an obscure label we've been holding for more than a dozen years waiting for such an occasion. This is so obscure I find absolutely no references to any other bottles anywhere including the vast holdings of the Cellartracker community. I often refer to Cellartracker, the leading cellar management tool that I use to track my cellar collection and one repository of my tasting notes. Cellartracker has grown to several hundred thousands collectors tracking an amazing aggregate collection of more than 125 million bottles. The CellarTracker database of community tasting notes has grown to more than 8.5 million such notes, the largest such collection in the world. The site is visited by more than 10 million wine enthusiasts to view the reviews and gain wine knowledge and information. With such a large universe, its very rare to be the sole owner holder of a producer label vintage release but this is such a case. The simple label looks perhaps like a 'prototype', there is no rear label and the foil and cork are utilitarian with no signs of branding or other marks.

My own tasting note records , show an earlier tasting of this label from Aug 22, 2006, prior to my use of Cellartracker which began in 2008. 

At that time I wrote the following wine dining experience posted below where dear friend, protege and wine buddy took this label BYOB to an industry conference. At that time, this was a pre-release of this label and only twenty five cases were expected to be released. I have never seen any further evidence of this producer or this label. Somewhere along the way, I acquired this label and it has been in my cellar every since. 

My Cellartracker cellar record for this bottle shows the following information - 1 (750ml) added on 12/31/2002 (to what would have been my inventory management system at that time); "Purchase note: Found in cellar - Source or purchase data unknown". So the mystery of this rare bottle will likely never be solved. Such is the fun of collecting and having a sufficiently vast collection that bottles such as this can get 'lost' in the cellar. This was not necessarily lost, I come across it regularly, just never having found the occasion to drink, until tonight. 

I vaguely remember my posting from 2006:

"Park Taylor Elouise Christman Woodbridge Petit Syrah Eldorado Tempranillo Blend 2002 -
RM 91 - You saw it here first - a discovery by AJ, this is the inaugural vintage release by this emerging producer. Brought by AJ from his cellar, a rare bottle of this as yet unreleased wine bottled from the only available barrel. Upon release there will be only 25 cases available. Dark, forward fruit of blackberry, black cherry, smoky tar and anise on the finish. Tasted w. AJ, Carla M., Jeff M., John G., Mark R., Chris at Palace Arms Restaurant in Brown Palace Hotel in Denver - teaming dinner at Intel-link conference."   

Tonight, my tasting notes were somewhat consistent with that earlier tasting in the profile of the wine. My new conventions of writing about a tasting captures a little bit more data, updated to reflect the current state of this vintage release. The simple label indicates this is a blend of 60% Petite Syrah, 40% Eldorado Tempranillo. It isn't indicated or clear if Eldorado refers to the appellation source of the grape, or perhaps a clone or sub-varietal of the Tempranillo in the blend.  

I can only presume it refers to the El Dorado AVA located in El Dorado County, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The appellation is known primarily for varietals Zinfandel, Barbera, and Syrah. Most vineyards are between 1,200 feet and 3,500 feet elevation where they benefit from cool breezes off the mountains that push hot air off the vines and down to the valley. The soils of the region are volcanic magma based with high levels of acidity.
Garnet colored, somewhat opaque, medium bodied, dark blackberry and black cherry fruits with bright floral perfume, notes of smoke, creosote and hints of anise on a moderate tannin laced finish. Showing minor signs of diminution from aging with a very slight brown hue to the color, and a slight aftertaste of green olive on the finish; the cork, foil, label and fill level were perfect. 
I rated it 88 points reflecting the diminution tonight vs 91 back in the day.