Saturday, November 8, 2014

Caymus 2012 40th Anniversary Bottling Highlights Steak Dinner

Caymus 2012 40th Anniversary Bottling Highlights Steak Dinner 

L and I planned to go out for lunch and do some shopping and ended up at a local wine shop where we picked up a few more bottles of the Caymus 40th Anniversary Special bottle. So we decided to go back home and prepare a special dinner to accompany the wine. Linda prepared pan seared tuna on a bed of cabbage, peas and red wine raspberry vinaigrette, followed by grilled New York Strip steaks, grilled onions and baked potatoes. I scoured the cellar for a suitable special bottle for dinner and stayed with the Caymus. Afterwards she prepared ice cream sundaes with roasted walnuts and chocolate sauce, another spectacular accompaniment to the delicious Caymus.

This is an amazing wine. As I've written here several times, the 2012 vintage of Caymus Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is spectacular and was a perfect compliment to our beef steak dinner with dark chocolate dessert. Not only did they release a blockbuster for the vintage, they packaged it in a celebratory bottle and commemorative label, and then they lowered the price! A wine that typically sells at the street price of $65, this has been widely available at ten dollars off the regular price or $55. For drinking now or saving for a couple years, this is a must buy for the price point, and for special occasions or anniversary celebration dinners. And for better value, they also offer a one liter bottle. This is a showcase wine that shows Napa Valley Cabernet at its best.

Caymus Estate Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 - Special 40th Anniversary Bottling

As featured in my recent earlier blog journal tasting reports on this wine, this is the 40th release of this legendary label and it features a special 40th Anniversary release label for the occasion. The 2012 vintage release also  shows the classic characteristics of Caymus Estate Cabernet at its best - early approachability and drinkability as a young wine.

Typical legendary Caymus Cabernet style - dark blackish ruby/garnet colored, medium to full bodied, nicely structured, complex but smooth, well balanced and polished, it opens with sweet ripe blackberry and raspberry flavors highlighted by layers of milk chocolate, subtle tones of cinnamon, vanilla and hints of caramel and kirsch, giving way to a smooth lingering modest tannin finish.

RM 94 points.