Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ricks Winesite Journal Beta Testing Blogger

Today I started using Blogger as my new Wine Tasting Journal platform. I am experimenting incorporating it into my website. Stay tuned and please bear with me as this experimentation evolves.

Mt Veeder Wine Flight

Mt Veeder Wine Flight 30 Jan 2011 Warm up for our upcoming Napa Mt Veeder trip. January 29, 2011 -

Tasted Marco Di Giulio Mt Veeder Progeny Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 - RM 92 - Dark inky color. Full bodied, big floral nose. Mouthful of black berry, cedar, spicy oak; full finely integrated polished tannins on a long flavorful finish. Reopened several days later and revealed a slightly sweeter black raspberry and a slight hint of anise on the finish.;

Robert Craig Cabernet Sauvignon Mt. Veeder 1997 - RM91; Medium - full bodied, black cherry and dark berry fruits are accented by leather, floral, tobacco and tea. Seems to be at peak now as the dark berry fruit is starting to give way to the leather.;

Freemark Abbey Mt. Veeder Carneros Zinfandel 2007 - RM 90 - Dark color inky almost black coffee color, full bodied, forward full fruits blackberry, black raspberry and black cherry accented by spice and clove turning to cedar and creosote - moderate tannins on a full lingering, fruitful finish.; Brought by friend Bill - sourced from winery wine club - consensus favorite of he ladies. This would be perfect complement to bar-b-que ribs!;

Mount Veeder Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 - RM89 - Medium bodied, dark purple color, black cherry, black berry fruits with hint of cedar on the moderate tannin slightly tart cherry finish.;

This wine is on sale now at Binny's for $20. While a good value, I am not tempted to rush out and buy more.

Tasted at home w/ L, Bill & Beth over artisan cheeses and beef tenderloin dinner.