Thursday, May 7, 2015

Henry's Drive Reserve Shiraz 2002

Henry's Drive Padthaway Reserve Shiraz 2002

I wrote about this producer, the Longbottom Family, and the rationale for the name and branding in a blogpost on Henry's Drive last summer. Wines from this producer during this era were crafted by none other than Sara and Sparky Marquis of Marquis Philips fame, and today, producers of the Mollydooker brand of wines, famously known for their cartoonish labels and wine names. This wine seems to be following the same aging trajectory as a 2003 vintage Marquis Philips label tasted a couple of weeks ago from this earlier blog posting.

Another blog posting from around that time indicates that the Henry's Drive Cabernet Sauvignon from this same vintage is aging well and holding very nicely at this same age.

My cellar records indicate we drank all six of our bottles of this wine and that only '04 vintage bottles remain but, alas, here is an '02 from the cellar. Good to find it and consume it before its too late.

This is clearly at the end of its drinking window as the berry fruits are turning to ripe raisin fig tones. My last review was in 2013 which remarked on the diminution of this wine from age relative to earlier consumption notes when it was young. Dark ink color - medium full bodied - lighter and much more subdued than my earlier tasting note record, which was six years ago.

In 2013 I wrote, "This was not the full, thick extracted fruit with huge mouth-feel fruit bomb from that review. It still has the same flavor profile of currant and blackberry, a tone of black cherry giving way to tones of tea and tobacco with a hint of smoky sweet oak and vanilla on the long lingering silky tannin finish. My '90' rating was significantly reduced from my earlier '94' back in 2005 suggesting its time to drink younger and drink remaining bottle (s) in the near term as they are past their prime and not improving."

Tonight this opened with a forward tone of pleasant sweet vanilla oakiness which burned off after a short while turning to the ripe raisin layer that is overtaking the fruits. The rest, as they say, is history. Drink up if you have any left.

RM 85 points.