Saturday, May 30, 2020

Cheese Cheese Cheese for wine pairing

Cheese Cheese Cheese for Wine Pairing

Shut in due to the Coronavirus stay-at-home edict we've been taking advantage of our wine cellar enjoying favorite wines, food, and wine pairings with food and cheeses. We also love cheese and often do simple wine and cheese pairings. We features the wines in these pages but don't often mention or dive into the cheeses. That may change as Linda went out and got a selection of artisan cheeses which we're looking forward to exploring. We'll pay more attention to note the cheeses paired with our wine selections as we go forward.

Stay tuned and check back ....

We're currently holding these cheeses to explore with wine combinations over the coming weeks:

Campo de Montalban Mixed Milk Spain
Carr Valley Billy Blue
Castello Danish Blue
Fair Oaks Farm 11 year old aged Cheddar
Livradios French Morbier
Long Clawson English Blue Shropshire
Black River Gorgonzola
Ciresa Mountain Gorgonzola
Old Amsterdam Gouda
Pico de Queso Cheddar
Yellow Door Creamery Cocoa Fontina 

Wine cheese pairing coming next ... Domain Serene Evensted Reserve Pinot Noir 2007