Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Movie Wine Night In - Merlot and Shiraz

 Christmas Movie Wine Night In

Fun festive relaxing night in front of the fire with L and Mary Lou watching Christmas movies and sipping some tasty juice with sliced pears, blueberry infused goat cheese, ementheler and brie. Mary Lou likes Merlot while Linda prefers big rich ripe Shiraz. 

Northstar Columbia Valley Merlot 2001

Medium bodied and soft, this ten year old is showing its age a bit as the dark purple color is taking on a slight brownish rust color and the black berry and black cherry fruit flavors are giving way to leather and an olive tapenade tone.

RM 87 points.

HazyBlur The Baroota Shiraz 2006

Dark inky color, big, firm and full bodied, rich thick tongue coating, super ripe raisin fig fruits, hints of cedar, pepper, violets, and blueberry. This is too ripe and raisiny for my tastes but the bride likes it this way - and so does Wine Advocate who gives it a 91.

RM 91 points.