Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rosemount Estate McLaren Vale Balmoral Syrah 2000

Rosemount Estate McLaren Vale Balmoral Syrah 2000

Label from 1999 vintage.
Some say Shiraz, they say Syrah!

Tasting Note - Dark inky purple color. Medium-full bodied. Aromatic, leather, slightly earthy aroma that gives way to complex flavorful blue fruit and ripe black raspberry, raisin, black cherry, cassis, tar, and tobacco that turns to an aftertaste of smoke, currant and a hint of plum. Over the course of the evening, the wine seemed to age as the berry fruits gave way to the more fig raisin aged feel while the deep aromatics lingered. While I gave it a 92 initially on opening, by the end of the night I gave it a 90. RM 90 points.

The wine went well with smoked almonds and heady blue or gorgonzola cheeses with sliced pear. It would go well with beef or lamb.

We have a horizontal of this wine from 1992 through 2004. Thankfully this wine has avoided that mineral and slight metallic note that some Syrahs take on. It is less extracted and fruit forward than some of the almost over-powering fruit bombs from the region.

During those early years the wine was priced in the $33-36 range, then escalated to $50. After the 2000 vintage the price was fortunately and wisely rolled back to under $30 where it remains. I have seen the 2004 vintage at this price - a good value for this quality wine. I have not seen vintages later than 2004 of this wine in the market.