Thursday, October 13, 2022

Black Diamond Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2011-13

Black Diamond Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2011 - 13

This bottle had been set aside in the wine cooler adjacent our kitchen as a ready to drink wine. Even then it was overlooked and has been held several years longer than intended, or ideal. 
I wrote about this wine and its producer in a detailed blogpost back in 2014. Its hard to believe its been that long. In any event, we cleared out the wine cooler and pulled several bottles to consume, so, here we are. 

Linda prepared boiled ham and green beans and onions and I pulled this aged Russian River Pinot Noir as an accompaniment.

Black Diamond Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2011

At nearing a dozen years of age, this is past its prime drinking window but still approachable. The cork, label and fill level were all pristine.

The fruit flavors have been overtaken by what Linda described as aromas of a cardboard box, what I would liken to wet wood.
The non-fruit woody and earth flavors predominate over the cherry, raspberry and cinnamon flavors. Dark garnet purple colored, medium light bodied, the fruit tones give way to a layer of smoky spice and a tangy  lingering acidic finish.

RM 86 points - previously 88 points.

Lo and behold we also found and did a 2013. This was consistent with earlier tasting notes of this release.

Black Diamond Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2013

I wrote about this release in an earlier blogpost back in 2015 when I wrote: "I discovered the 2011 release of this wine and thought it provided a good QPR - quality price ratio, a rare find in a sub $20 Pinot Noir, hence I picked up this follow on vintage. The '13 is not as smooth, polished or as flavorful as the '11 but has a similar tasting profile. Not bad for an every day Pinot but not a best buy selection."

Dark garnet colored, slightly opaque, medium light bodied, tones of bing cherry, raspberry, hints of cinnamon spice and vanilla with a slightly tangy oak on the lingering acidic finish.

RM 86 points.