Sunday, July 5, 2015

Taken Wine Company Taken Red Wine 2011

Taken Wine Company Taken Napa Valley Red Wine 2011

I discovered and tasted this label while out east this Spring when I had the 2012 vintage a couple times. I did not expect to find this limited release label in the Chicago market and was delighted to find it today at the local mass merchant so I picked up seven bottles.

While the 2011 release doesn't measure up to the 2012, it is still a nice drinking wine and is a great value at this price point. Not as polished, full, concentrated or balanced as the '12. Its not the '11 is bad, that's how good the '12 is.

This was a great complement to hearty bar-b-cue ribs.

Dark blackish garnet colored, medium bodied,  a bit flabby, tangy tongue coating slightly tart cherry and plum fruits, offset by a layer of dusty leather and spice with moderate subtle tannins on the lingering finish.

RM 88 points.