Thursday, December 27, 2018

Taken Wine Co Taken Napa Red

Taken Wine Co. Taken Napa Valley Red Wine 2011

Looking for a casual sipping wine with Alec, visiting from NYC for the holiday, he asked for a Cab so we pulled this hearty Cabernet from the cellar. This was a fitting selection as I first discovered and acquired this wine when visiting Alec in Hoboken a couple summers ago.

This label Taken from Taken Wine Co., is the project of two friends,  next generation wine producers raised in Napa Valley in well known wine families - Josh Phelps and Carlo Trinchero. This is a blend of Cabernet and Merlot from  unnamed sources in non-specified proportions. It is packaged in a large heavy bottle with etched circle logo on the front and painted text befitting an expensive premium offering, offered at a moderate $30 range price-point representing appropriate QPR - quality price ratio. Acording to the rear painted information, "The circle (logo branding) represents the path we have Taken back home."

While the 2011 release doesn't measure up to the 2012, it is still a nice drinking wine and is a great value at this price point. Not as polished, full, concentrated or balanced as the '12. Its not the '11 is bad, that's how good or better the '12 is.

This is a big forward obtuse wine that begs for hearty bar-b-cue, pasta, pizza or cheese.

Dark blackish garnet colored, medium full bodied, bright vibrant tangy cherry and plum fruits offset by a layer of dusty leather and tangy clove spice with a moderate subtle tannin on the lingering finish.

RM 88 points.