Friday, December 15, 2023

Wayfarer Chardonnay BYOB at Carnivore & Queen

Wayfarer BYOB and website confusion/conflict at Carnivore & Queen Restaurant Downers Grove

For a Friday night date night, we planned to go to a local neighborhood eaterie, Carnivore & the Queen in adjacent Downers Grove (IL). The last time we were there, we learned it was the last evening in the existing site, that they were premiering opening the expanded adjacent dining room the following evening. So, we were eager to go back and see and try out the 'new' restaurant. 

Even though we know the usual menu, we reviewed the posted on-line menu to plan our evening, and chose two seafood options for our dinner. Exploring our wine pairing options, we checked the on-line published winelist (below) options to pair with our seafood selections.

Seafood selections ...

Fresh Baked Northern Walleye and Shrimp

Pan seared Chilean Sea Bass Beurre Blanc Sauce

In light of the very limited options, one Sauvignon Blanc and one Chardonnay, we pulled from our cellar an ultra-premium highly rated recent release Sonoma Chardonnay that we were eager to try and review, to take for an accompaniment, taking into account the prominently displayed posted published Corkage Fee

Carnivore & Queen Published Winelist page, copied SIC below: