Friday, February 2, 2024

BBQ Ribs and Syrah

BBQ Ribs and Mollydooker Syrah 

Vacationing at our favorite getaway, Destiny Cove vacation rental in Destin Florida, with friends, we prepared a dinner of BBQ ribs, baked potatoes and grilled fresh veggies. To pair with the ribs, for one of our favorite wine food pairings, we opened a hearty Syrah/Shiraz. 

Mollydooker Blue Eye'd Boy Shiraz 2021

Friend Pat R picked this up during our visit to Total Wine in Pensacola to share during our week together. 

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Mollydooker Blue Eye'd Boy Shiraz 2021

This is named for the son of winemaker/producer Sarah Marquis. This is one of the signature wines we keep on hand for our love of big full throttle Shiraz, and as a wine to enjoy with our own 'Blue Eye'd Boy', our son Alec.

We hold a half dozen vintages of this label and this is the newest, latest release which we're trying here for the first time.

Winemaker Notes - Black crimson in color, this wine leaps from the glass with powerful aromatics of blueberries, fresh plum, licorice and nuances of chocolate biscuit. The seamless texture is laced with fresh berry fruit, coffee, vanilla cream and warm spice, giving us a full-bodied Shiraz with an endless depth of flavor and great length.

This was rated 92 points by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate.

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate wrote an interesting observation about this label; "Once you taste a few of a producer's wines side by side, you really start to get a feel for stylistic preference between warm vintages and cool ones. I surprise myself by saying here that I prefer the warmer vintages at Mollydooker (this does not make it right) because the sunshine and ease with which ripening can occur in a warmer year really seems to suit the plush, high-octane style being proliferated here. So, this 2021 Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz is far more on the blue fruit spectrum than the 2020 ..."

The key here is comparisons of this same label from vintage to vintage, and contrasting the resulting impact from a warm vintage vs a cool vintage. Such distinctions are best revealed through comparison tastings of one vintage alongside another or others - what is referred to as a 'vertical' tasting (as opposed to 'horizontal tasting' which would be various wines from the same vintage). 

This was dark inky colored, full bodied, powerful concentrated, full throttle big round black and blue fruits accented by spice, black tea, notes of licorice and hints of bitter dark mocha chocolate with a long full finish.

RM 92 points.