Friday, December 29, 2017

90+ Lot 101 Columbia Valley Syrah

90+ Lot 101 Columbia Valley Syrah

I wrote recently how we would miss this 90+ Lot 101 Columbia Valley Syrah wine when we consumed our last available bottle having enjoyed over the last few years a couple of cases that we gathered from several sources when we discovered it upon release. Being a negociant wine, we can't simply go back to the producer to obtain the next subsequent release. Such is the challenge of getting hooked on such wines, once they're gone, they're gone (unless of course the re-marketer can procure more from the source in subsequent years). More often, that is not possible as these are often one-time wonders, being excess inventory or interim contracts between longer term sourcing obligations between grower, producer, or others in the ecco-system.

Looking for a hearty Syrah to enjoy with cheese and snacks in front of the fire binging on the latest season release of "The Crown" on Netflix, I found another bottle in a case of Syrahs. Alas, once again we will mourn finishing our stash of this wine, while savoring another (surely our last this time) bottle.

Like I've written several times before, this high QPR full throttle fruit bomb was one of the best value, best tasting wines in our cellar over the last few years. This one continues to not only hold its own, but may be at the apex of its drinking window at seven years of age. 
Dark inky garnet colored, medium to full bodied, this full throttle Syrah reveals layers of blackberry, black currant and blueberry fruits with tones of cedar, sweet vanilla, caramel and spice with hints of black pepper on a lingering smooth tannin finish. This was perfect for such casual sipping. Wish we had more.

RM 91 points.