Its interesting that Rocco studied photography and he uses photography metaphors in comparing it to winemaking. "It may sound weird but making wine is not that different from taking a picture. I’ve grown up among images, and I’ve always been fascinated about the similarity that exists between these two forms of art."
Rocco Toscani says about photography: “Taking pictures is not about considering reality as an object, but making reality become an object. It is about putting dimensions back together: relief, movement, emotion, idea, meaning and desire to make everything real. Wine is about concentrating all in one bottle: vintage, nature, light, wind and experiences. We aim to find a balance among vines, tastes, smells, tannins and acidity. It is a matter of mixing a good amount of sensitivity and rigor in addition to a healthy kick of craziness. Everything matches. In taking pictures one can tell reality through sight. In making wine, one can tell reality through taste. Both arts are surprising and captivating."
Continuing the photography metaphor, he selects the three primary colors for his labels and releases the wine in all three. Furthermore, his logo is like a optical lense focus element on the colors and image as if not quite in, but coming into focus. 

This exemplifies the resulting style and character of this wine. We like big bold expressive wines and this one promised that, being a blend of grapes with those characteristics. It seems like each are competing to express themselves resulting in a cacaphony rather than integrating into a symphony of flavors.
Dark ruby colored, medium bodied, a bit disjointed, complex, bright expressive flavors of blackberries, black cherries and black currants accented by white pepper, spice, earthy herbs, game and hints of mocha on a moderate tannin medium length, acidic finish.
RM 89 points.  
While the listed release price was $56, WTSO offered it at the deeply discounted price marked down to $20. Notably, while the promise of a Super Tuscan with the distinctively unique blend was intriguing, it's value price was closer to its discounted price than list. At that, its a great, fun, 'pizza' wine for bold pasta or cheeses, or burgers.