Sunday, August 19, 2018

Del Dotto Piazza Sangiovese at Angelis Italian Anniversary Dinner

Del Dotto Piazza Sangiovese BYOB at Angelis Italian Anniversary Dinner

We celebrated our anniversary with dinner at our local neighborhood trattoria, Angelis Italian. Deliberating on wine I select I considered Caymus Cabernet which I've written about in these pages, that shares the same anniversary year and started commemorating such in their new packaging a couple years ago.

I opted, instead for this Del Dotto Piazza Sangiovese in remembrance of our tasting experience there during our recent Napa Valley Wine Experience (2018), (shown right), which was the highlight of our trip, coupled with the fact our Caymus experience was one of the lowlights! Our server checked the wine on offer and determined it was the same vintage that drank last year at our anniversary dinner so we stayed with our BYOB choice. Had it been the most recent incremental release we would have chosen the latest #44 Caymus label.

Regretably, our dinner was not up to normal standards at Angelis casting a bit of a pall over the evening. Following my dinner at Italian Village
earlier this week, I was eager to try the Veal Marsala wine sauce as it was the highlight of that dinner and I was looking to compare and recapture that wine entree combination.

Firstly our server lost track of our orders and we got lost in the cadence of the courses. When our entrees finally arrived, my veal plate was completely void of sauce. The explanation was that it must have been absorbed by the pasta. I asked for a dish of accompanying sauce which arrived to reveal a thin watery broth instead of the rich gravy like sauce served by Italian Village (shown pictured as part of trio of medallions of veal including the Marsala and Piccata).

Worse, Linda's entree selection was also a disappointment, the Salmon with Avocado relish Special was completely overpowered being saturated with olive oil. Upon re-plating, pouring off the Olive Oil, the entree was much more enjoyable.

Despite it all, the Del Dotto Piazza Sangiovese was spectacular and was the highlight of the dinner.

Del Dotto Piazza Napa Valley Sangiovese 2015

We tasted and acquired this wine during our Del Dotto Estate Winery Cave Tour and Tasting last year. This prompted me to check my records which indicate we also tasted this in the 2106 vintage during our recent Del Dotto Piazza tasting at which we acquired that vintage as well.

This was dark garnet colored with a slight grayish hue that signaled caution but the wine was fine, we'll monitor the next bottle (s) with interest to see if this is an early warning of trouble ahead; medium full bodied, this was delicious with sweet ripe raspberry fruits accented by notes of vanilla and almond with supple smooth silky tannins on the lingering finish.

RM 92 points.