Tuesday, March 9, 2004

An evening with Angelo Gaja

An evening with Angelo Gaja Tasting the Gaja Portfolio of Wines 
March 9, 2004  at the Peninsula Hotel, Chicago
Hosted by Binny's and Paterno Imports 
Wines tasted:
  • Alteni Brassica 2000
  • Gaia & Rey 2001
  • Sito Moresco 1999
  • Darmagi - 1999
  • Sperss 1998
  • Sori Tildin 1998
  • Gaja Barbaresco - 1978, 1989, 1999, 2000


Gaja Ca'Marcanda Promis 2002 April 9, 2009 - Gaja Ca' Marcanda Promis Toscana IGT 2002 - RM 90 - $39  Much more fruit and more approachable than earlier tasting. Medium bodied, juicy black cherry, blackberry, red raspberry, with hints of pepper, oak and vanilla. Interesting blend of Merlot 55% Syrah 35% and Sangiovese 10%.
Gaja Dagromis Barolo 2003 September 24, 2008 - Gaja Dagromis Barolo 2003 - RM 90 WS 92 - $95 - True to the Gaja Piedmont Barbaresco style - full bodied - intense firm dark black berry, bark, a hint of tar, licorice, anise, and slight smoke on a moderate finish. A new label from Gaja from the Dagromis Family property in nearby Barolo near the village of Barbaresco. - 100% nebbiolo. Tasted at Ciba Wine Bar & Trattoria at DCA - Reagan National.
Sept 14, 2005 - Gaja Ca' Marcanda Promise 2002 - RM 88 - A new estate of the famed Gaja family, planted in cab, merlot, and shiraz in Bolgheri. Medium bodied and firm - the dark berry and black cherry fruit is accented tones of vanilla and oak.  This wine and the one above are featured and were tasted at the wine bar at the fabulous China World Hotel in Beijing.
Mar 9, 2004 -
Sito Moresco 1999

Appellation: Langhe D.O.C.

Varieties:  Nebbiolo 35%, Barbera 35%, Cabernet Sauvignon 30%

Vineyards: Barbaresco, Trieso and Serralunga

Notes: Scents and flavors of smoke and charcoal give way to berries on the finish.
Gaja Darmagi 1999 

The only Gaja wine with 'new world' grapes or Bordeaux style blend. Darmagi is Piedmontese for "what a pity", a comment by Angelo's father Giovanni on converting the vineyard from Nebbiolo to Cabernet Sauvignon. This big brawny cab based wine should've been tasted last. As it was it overpowered the more complex Nebbiolo's that followed. It took some time for the mind and palate to 'recover'.

Appellation: Langhe D.O.C.

Varieties:   Cabernet Sauvignon 95%,  Merlot, 3%, Cabernet Franc. 2%

Vineyard (s): Darmagi located in Barbaresco

Notes - Very dark in colour - almost looks like coffee! Huge nose of floral and a hint of mocha! Soft smooth but chewy tannins. Complex tastes of blackberry, black cherry, mocha and a bit of cassis. Medium body - not overwhelming.
Gaja Sperss 1998

Sperss is Piedmontese for "nostalgia" - referring to the family's affection for the powerful character of the Serralunga wines. They purchased 30 acres in one of Serralunga's best areas in 1988 for this single vineyard designated wine.

Appellation: Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C.

Varieties: 94% Nebbiolo, 6% Barbera

Notes: Scents of flowers and mocha. Huge mouthfeel of ripe and full tannins. Very subdued tastes of licorice, tar, and touch of truffles.
Gaja Sori Tildin 1998

Sori means hilltop with a southern exposure; tildin was the nickname of Angelo Gaja's grandmother, Clotilde Rey.

Appellation: Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C.

Vineyard: Sori Tildin in Barbaresco

Varieties: Nebbiolo 95% ,  Barbera 5%

Barbaresco 1978

The flagship wine of Gaja, named after the village of its origin.

Appellation: Barbaresco D.O.C.G.

Varieties: Nebbiolo

Notes: Scents of sweet licorice ala "Snaps" candy and wet earth. That same sweet licorice taste predominates with a tar side note. Long finish of complex but smooth and chewy tannins.
Barbaresco 1989

Notes: Ala the '78 but much more forward and more fruit which is still very subdued. That same nose of sweet licorice. Huge mouthfeel of tannins and 'Snaps' licorice and tar on the opening that give way to a long smooth complex tannic finish with a subtle floral aftertaste. Best and personal favorite of the tasting.
Barbaresco 1999

Notes: That same distinctive characteristic predominant licorice and floral nose and tastes. Huge 'Snaps' licorice taste accented with floral then revealing a slight earthy taste but then falling off. The fruit falls off at the beginning.
Barbaresco 2000

Notes:  More subdued than the 1999, as if in 'neutral'.