Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hazyblur South Australia Baroota Shiraz 2003

Hazyblur South Australia Baroota Shiraz 2003
This is a repeat follow on to my blogpost of the other night last week when I brought home our shipment of recently purchased wines from the auction warehouse and popped one open for casual sipping with midweek leftover pasta dinner.

From that same lot, following our tasting of the fourteen year old 2002 Hazyblur Baroota Shiraz, tonight we opened a 2003 vintage of the same label for a comparison tasting.

Like the 2002, this vintage is also in the last chapter of its drinking window, hence it provides good value when picked up at auction, most likely released from someone who needs to thin their cellar if they have more bottles than they'll consume in the near term, or by someone who prefers younger wines for consumption earlier in their drinking profile.

Tonight, we picked up carry-out barbecue ribs and hoped for a full throttle, big, forward Shiraz accompaniment. Whereas the 2002, tasted the other night, that despite its age, was delicious, showing little diminution from aging, less than the other last bottles of that label consumed back in 2015 from our cellar, this 2003 did not show as well. The 2003 lacked the backbone and the full bodied forward flavorful fruits of the '02.

Dark blackish garnet color, medium-full bodied, a bit flabby in structure with moderate black berry and black raspberry fruit flavors that give way to tones of smoke, leather, hints of cedar and licorice with a moderate tannin finish.

RM 87 points.