Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Elan Vineyards Atlas Peak Merlot 1995

Elan Vineyards Atlas Peak Merlot 1995 

With son Alec back home from NYC, in Chicago for business this week, it prompted a gala family dinner. Linda prepared flank steak, potatoes, asparagus, french bread, salad, bacon wrapped dates, and Erin brought chocolate mousse which we had with fresh mixed berries.

I pulled this aged Bordeaux varietal from the cellar for the occasion which mapped perfectly with dinner especially the steak, bacon wrapped dates, chocolate and berries.

We discovered and acquired this Elan Napa Merlot during one of producer dinner winery tastings with Elan Vineyards Patrick & Linda Elliott-Smith during our Napa Valley Wine Experiences back in the nineties. We still hold a half dozen vintages of their Cabernet but this is our last Merlot from that era.

Consistent with and still close to last review five years ago. At that time I wrote "Surprisingly lots of life in this 14 year old!" That still holds at twenty but its showing its age and beginning to enter a later chapter of its tasting window. The profile and character show much the same. Blackish garnet colored with tinge of purple hues, medium bodied, bright tangy spicy black fruits, tones of floral and cedar, hints of leather, eucalyptus and moderate tannic creosote and hint of anise on the long lingering finish.

RM 89 points.