Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hazyblur Baroota South Australia Shiraz 2002

Hazyblur Baroota South Australia Shiraz 2002

Following yesterday's tasting of Hazyblur Adelaide Plains South Australia Shiraz 2002, and the realization it is time to drink these '02's, we pulled this other last remaining bottle to take BYOB to Angeli's Italian, our favorite neighborhood trattoria. As written before, we're dining there less often since they raised their prices and started charging a $20 corkage fee which we feel is a too high. This is the same fee we paid at Flemings Prime Steakhouse in Chicago recently, for vastly superior wine service - the difference akin to a prop vs a jet.

This is the last vintage that showed the old label packaging/branding (shown below), before switching in 2003 to the new branding with the larger more modernistic stylish larger graphic label scheme - gold for Baroota and McLaren Vale, green for Kangaroo Island, as shown in photo (left) from our New Year's eve horizontal tasting in 2009.

As with the 2002 yesterday, its time to drink as this label too has entered the last phase of its drinking window, with the fruit taking on a more ripe raisiny character and the berry and plum flavors starting to give way to non fruit tones of leather, wood and smoke or tar.

Taking into account the slight diminution of the fruits as described above, tonight this showed consistency with our last tasting which was in 2009. Full bodied, super ripe plum, blackberry and currants with hints of and hint of cedar, leather and licorice on the full firm lingering finish. Still this showed better than the Adelaide Plains from the same vintage last evening.

RM 89 points.