Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flinders Run, Southern Flinders Ranges, Baroota, Australia, Shiraz 2005

Flinders Run, Southern Flinders Ranges, Baroota, Australia, Shiraz 2005 
For a quick relaxing dinner at Angelis's, our favorite local Italian restaurant, we took this old standby, one of our absolute favorite wines with a huge QPR (Quality Price Ratio). It goes great with the spicy Italian fare. 
We first discovered this wine down in central Illinois wineshop Friar Tuck's. We bought some and brought it home and loved it. We bought case quantities from Southern Hemisphere Wines in Huntington Beach, SoCal. Eventually Binny's featured this wine and we bought it all and are fortunate to still have a supply as we continue to enjoy this wine which is still holding it owns despite its eight years of age.
Dark inky colour - full bodied, rich thick chewy - symphony of flavors of sweet currant, ripe plum, red raspberry, blueberry, a layer of mocha accented by hints of pepper, vanilla, and spice, and a lingering essence of creme brulee' and cedar on the long full soft finish. At eight years old, this wine is holding its own although the fruit may be starting to fall off a bit and lose some of its tongue coating dense richness, but its still delicious. 

RM 92 points.